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We are Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd and we are passionate about engaging and inspiring people to bring about change.

We provide consultancy, training, speaking, writing and mentoring services in strategic volunteer engagement and volunteer management.

Throughout this site you will find more detailed information on who we are and how we can help you, along with quotes from our customers and resources we hope you’ll find useful.

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New on our blog

In our latest article, guest contributor Rhiannon Wheeler shares her experience of engaging volunteers in a hospice during the pandemic, providing advice and insights, including thoughts on how to deal with Covid-19 outbreaks amongst volunteer teams.

“Despite some ups and downs (I believe it’s called a corona-coaster!) and a mountain of work to keep things going, the whole experience of how we engaged with volunteers has been worthwhile and their contribution has been invaluable.”

Read the article here

You can always read more of Rob's writing on our blog, published on Wordpress

Latest news

Lobbying for the strategic importance and value of volunteer engagement 

We are proud to be a signatory to a new resource for UK based leaders of volunteer engagement, “An Open Letter to Senior Managers & Boards of

Volunteer Involving & Deploying Organisations in all Sectors”.

For the first time ever, some of the UK’s leading volunteer management professional associations and national volunteering infrastructure bodies have worked together to call on senior managers and boards to ensure continued investment in volunteer engagement during these unprecedented times. 

With a significant economic shock looming, volunteer management roles are at risk. In the past these posts have been amongst the first to be cut when organisations face financial challenges whilst many Volunteer Managers were furloughed in the early days of lockdown, disconnecting volunteers from the organisation at a time when that connection was more important than ever. 

The signatories of this open letter call on key decision makers to think twice and consider the strategic value of volunteering. It is hoped that the letter will be a valuable resource for Volunteer Managers to advocate for the importance of volunteer engagement in organisational recovery and renewal plans.

Anyone is welcome to download the letter and share it with colleagues, funders and whoever needs to see it. We’d also love to hear if and how it helps.

How to handle cuts and change

During May and June we published a series of articles on our blog that were loosely themed around helping leaders of volunteer engagement deal with the impact of funding cuts in their organisations. We explored the important role of Volunteer Managers, the thorny issue of job substitution, how to redesign work for volunteers when staff roles are being cut or reassigned, and engaging with unions.

These articles have now been collated into one handy resource - a free eBook called “Cuts and Change. The goal is to help leaders of volunteer engagement: think about their roles in the Covid-19 ‘new normal’; reflect on how they are more important than ever to their organisations; and consider some of the complexities of deploying a different mix of paid staff and volunteers to meet organisational goals.

Cuts and Change is available to anyone and can be shared widely with networks, peer groups and colleagues.  Get your copy here.