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We are Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd and we are passionate about engaging and inspiring people to bring about change.

We provide consultancy, training, speaking, writing and mentoring services in strategic volunteer engagement and volunteer management.

Throughout this site you will find more detailed information on who we are and how we can help you, along with quotes from our customers and resources we hope you’ll find useful.

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‍Rob looks at whether certification of volunteer management competence is fit for purpose.

‍“I’ve long held the belief that most accreditation in volunteer management doesn’t assess the right things. It looks at compliance, with things like National Occupational Standards which, in my view, determine how well someone does the systems, policies and processes part of volunteer management. What’s been missing for me is the really important parts of our work: our leadership competence; our ability to take ideas from other fields and apply them into our own; our competence at engaging with and relating to people etc..”

‍Read the article here. You can always read more of Rob's writing on our blog, published on Wordpress and Medium

‍Latest news

‍Buy now - An essential book on managing volunteers

‍We are pleased to announce that a new edition of the Complete Volunteer Management Handbook is available now.

‍In print since 1994, this new completely revised fourth edition is published by the Directory of Social Change in association with the University of Kent. It contains essential information for anyone managing volunteers. If you’ve just been given responsibility for volunteers in addition to your main role, or you’re a dedicated manager of volunteers, this book is for you. It will also be useful for those in other management and senior management roles to understand the work involved in effectively engaging volunteers.

‍Rob has co-authored the book with Rick Lynch, Mike Locke and Dr Eddy Hogg, all respected experts in volunteerism.

‍The new fourth edition of the Complete Volunteer Management Handbook will be published in October 2019 and you can pre-order your copy now from The Director of Social Change.

‍“A valuable source of information for anyone seeking to empower and support volunteers through effective management, enablement and support. The book is well researched, clearly presented and easy to navigate quickly.’”

‍Rebecca Kennelly

‍Director of Volunteering,

‍Royal Voluntary Service