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The cover of From The Top Down UK Edition

From The Top Down - UK edition

A bestseller since the original US edition in 1986, From The Top Down was the first book to identify the critical link between the actions of an organisation’s senior management and the overall success of volunteer engagement. It has been the go-to book for enlightened CEOs, senior managers and board members around the world wanting to improve the strategic integration of volunteering with their mission, and a guide for volunteer resources managers striving to influence “up” in their organisations.

The UK edition is fully revised and adapted for readers in the United Kingdom. With UK-specific chapters on legal and financial issues.

From The Top Down - UK Edition is the essential guide for UK organisations to achieve maximum impact from the participation of volunteers.

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The cover of the complete volunteer management handbook

The Complete Volunteer Management Handbook (2012 and 2019 editions)

Fully revised and updated in 2019, The Complete Volunteer Management Handbook has been the leading resource on volunteering since it was first published in 1994. 

Comprehensive, insightful and practical, The Complete Volunteer Management Handbook provides essential reading for anyone responsible for recruiting,

managing or working with volunteers. It includes information on how to:

  • Improve your volunteer management strategy.
  • Make the most of fresh opportunities, taking into account current trends in volunteering.
  • Create a comprehensive volunteering programme.
  • Measure the impact of volunteering against your aims.
  • Match the right volunteers to the right roles and improve working relationships.

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The cover of how to turn your organisation into a volunteer magnet

Turn Your Organisation Into A Volunteer Magnet

In 2007 Rob Jackson, Fraser Dyer and Andy Fryar published the second edition of the free electronic book they edited, Turn Your Organisation Into A Volunteer Magnet.

In the book, forty people from across the field of volunteer management around the globe share what they have learned about making your organisation attractive to volunteers.

Packed full of top tips and compelling case studies on topics ranging from recruitment and retention, to diversity and creative programme management, these authors – many of whom are published here for the first time – write from the grassroots of volunteer management.

Now in its second edition, this expanded collection of ideas is an indispensable resource written by managers of volunteers for their peers.

Download your free pdf copy of Turn Your Organisation Into A Volunteer Magnet here. 

Print editions are also available at cost price and can be ordered directly from Lulu, an online print-on-demand supplier.

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