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Rob Jackson is Director of Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd, a consultancy and training company that helps engage and inspire people to bring about change.  

Rob has almost 30 years experience working in the voluntary and community sector, holding a variety of strategic development and senior management roles that have focused on leading and engaging volunteers. 

Rob has run his company since 2011 working with a wide range of clients in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the USA and Canada. 

Rob is co-author of The Complete Volunteer Management Handbook (DSC, 2012 and 2019) and From The Top Down - UK Edition (Energize Inc., 2015).

Find out more about Rob and his professional achievements on his LinkedIn profile or download a copy of his bio (pdf).

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“Rob Jackson is one of the leading authorities on volunteering in the world. His standing is based on an impressive mix of the practical and strategic. For much of his career, he has been involved at the coalface of volunteer management. When several years ago he moved into a more senior role within Volunteering England he was able to draw on this hands-on experience and knowledge to help shape the strategic direction of the organisation and the wider volunteering movement. It is a winning combination and will hold him in great stead for a career in consultancy. Rob is an excellent project manager, an incisive thinker and a first-rate writer, facilitator and public speaker. I have hugely enjoyed working with Rob over the past few years and have drawn heavily on his wisdom and insight. I have no doubt I will continue to do so for many years to come.”  

Dr Justin Davis Smith, Senior Research Fellow

Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School Executive (formerly Director of Volunteering and Development, NCVO and CEO of Volunteering England)

“Rob has an immense depth of knowledge on all aspects of Volunteering. He is always a source of help when I've needed specific advice on establishing volunteering groups and his information was crucial when we were looking at forming a year 11 volunteering group at school. Rob has a great character, is warm, friendly and always approachable, he's a great help and has an outstanding, and vast, encyclopaedic knowledge.”

Mike Marshall, Managing Creative Director at eatsleepthink design limited


“Rob has been a valued colleague for over twenty years. We work together in a variety of ways, including his participation on the editorial team of the international online journal, e-Volunteerism. Rob is highly knowledgeable about volunteerism in the UK and around the world. He is a "thinker" on this subject and is able to analyse trends, put issues into context, and communicate information to others. He's also a great guy and all-around good person, with a wry sense of humour.”

Susan J Ellis, President, Energize Inc.

"Rob not only understands volunteering trends and strategy but also comprehends the day to day operational issues. He walks the talk. Rob is a great networker. He knows people – what they have to contribute and what their interests are - and is great at sharing that knowledge with others. If I want to know something, Rob will be top of my list to call. He is always a pleasure to work with – innovative, insightful and committed – and all with a great sense of humour."

Moyra Weston, Director, Weston Coaching & Consultancy


“Rob Jackson is one of the smartest people I know. He is bright, witty, upbeat, creative, hard-working, and personable. I have worked with Rob when we did training together in Michigan and in England and he has always impressed me with his abilities. He is one of those people who makes lifts people's spirits merely by entering a room.”

Rick Lynch, Principal Consultant, Lynch Associates

“I've known Rob for many years, during which time we've collaborated on a number of volunteering development initiatives. As a freelance consultant advising organisations on volunteering strategy, relying on Rob as an expert colleague has been invaluable. He's the first person I think of when I want professional advice or a reality-check on my work. He is one of only a few people I know who are able to operate strategically but with a focus which is firmly and passionately about what happens on the ground in the world of volunteering. I have found his energy and enthusiasm for supporting opportunities to collaborate with others for the benefit of the sector inspiring. He is one of only a very small number of people I know in volunteering development who are both vital to the sector and whom I would unreservedly recommend.”

Lynn Blackadder, Owner, Lynn Blackadder Limited


"I first met Rob Jackson at the retreat for advanced volunteer management in Australia. His presentation there made others and I sit up and take notice. Words like “leaders in the field” can be too easily thrown about. Rob has earned this title as a true leader in the volunteerism world as he leads by example through his actions and writings. His leadership of UKVPMs and groundbreaking work with Volunteering England has been an inspiration to those of us around the globe that recognise the power of the volunteering movement as well as the importance of Volunteer Management."

DJ Cronin, Australian blogger and Volunteer Management advocate

Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd. 

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Registered Office: 9 Commerce Road, Lynchwood, Peterborough PE2 6LR